Is there an important life moment coming? Whether you plan a wedding, birthday party or outdoor teambuilding, our vehicles are here prepared to catch those unforgettable moments. Your video will get completely new perspective thanks to our unmanned vehicles. Do not hesitate to contact us for the offer which will suit to your ideas.


There are many requirements in this area - especially environmental, in order to keep oil and gas facilities safe and operational. Whether you are responsible for keeping facilities safe and secure or you need to monitor pipelines for potential leaks of dangerous materials, the real time control awareness of your surroundings is an essential instrument for your success.
Our aircrafts provide permanent monitoring of pipelines and other facilities. You can also check potential leaks via thermal camera.


Our mapping system provides end-to-end reporting and GIS (Geographical Information System) solution. Unlike the satellites or ground-based systems, our system provides an immediate set of high quality aerial images and videos. Our system gives specialists the ability to gather aerial imagery more effectively and less costly than other systems. The collected data and imagery enable users to create high resolution 2D orthomosaics and maps as well as 3D and digital surface models and other GIS datasets.
Our solution is ideal for military, safety and also commercial applications. As vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicles, our Aero aircrafts can operate lower and slower than manned aircrafts, and fly in the area where fixed-wing UAVs cannot operate safely. And what is the result? Incredibly detailed imagery, which is required for a precise modelling and measurement.


Do you need to check or monitor an area of forest? Our aerial service is the right solution for you. With geological tools you can easily see if the forest is growing or retreating. Or do you need to count the number of animals living in a certain territory? It is also possible to record animal movement even at night via thermo camera.
Our aerial intelligence service is a perfect tool for complete natural observation without disturbing the subject of matter. You can simply record full hd video or capture highly-detailed images for forest or agricultural research.